Second cities

A research on second most important cities all around the world.

This is an exploration of the most important cities, not designed as contemporary capitals all around worldwide countries. Photographs, taken from privileged points of view that are portraying cities’ multi layered complexity. Urban areas are documented and recorded starting from their central areas. In this work the narrator disappears in order to produce images that witness an objective reality. The colour is a fundamental part of the research, although shooting choices are not guided by chromatic connections but rather by the inclusion of traces anthropic reality that inhabits the places.

Cities photographed so far are: New York City (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Porto (Portugal), Milano (Italy), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Shanghai (China), Osaka (Japan), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Cebu (Philippines), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Surabaya (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hat Yai (Thailand), Mumbai (India), Dubai, (UAE), Espoo (Finland).

(project started in March 2015, in progress)


And we let you know when it comes out!

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